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It’s been quite a week!

It’s been quite a week!

Sunday 9th September 2018

Lots has been happening at KR Bears and Dolls Towers over the past week/10 days!

First was Lilly in London by Gotz. I have a picture – although not a hi-res image – and initially I put this on the website. All the details, price etc are still there, but Gotz asked me to wait until they release the much better, hi-res images – which will be here either some time this week, or early next week. So we try and wait as patiently as we can. She will not be limited, will have a new Gotz face, with grey eyes with no fringe/bangs – and I really can’t wait to see her. There has been a huge interest and I am taking orders. She is available to order from my website here 

Next, the new Zwergnase Junior doll collection for 2019 was released on Friday. Just WOW! You can see them here The 2019 page is still very much a work-in-progress, as I am waiting for more details from Zwergnase. Naturally enough, the three limited girls are proving to be the most popular. Here they are: Slava-Soley, Luna-Soley and Ingi-Soley.

Then, to top it all, a delivery from Petitcollin of Natterer dolls arrived late on Friday afternoon. The long-awaited Pierre, who almost immediately sold out with pre-orders – although I still have one left. I do have more on order. I always have more dolls on order!

So, today is Sunday and I’m getting stuck into lots of admin that has been neglected over this busy week. As some of you may know, I also have a cookshop here: www.krcookshop.com and it’s been equally busy there – sometimes I wonder which way is up!

Have a great week everyone, and I have made a note to self to try and keep this blog updated!

Trisha 🙂