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A lot of customers ask me whether I am able to offer layaway payments.

The answer is yes, of course – I am more than happy to do so – the length of the layaway will depend on the cost of the doll and we will exchange emails over this.

I do ask that payments are made monthly though. Skipping a month or two is not in the spirit of a layaway and it just impacts on (a) storage space in the shop and (b) my cash flow!

Layaways are entered into for a maximum of two items at a time to keep everything simple and affordable. Once your final layaway payment has been made, you can start a new one.
*(NB – on 1st January I varied my layaway terms slightly so that it’s now possible to have two items on layaway instead of just one. So many customers have wanted two dolls – especially with the release of the new Gotz Happy Kidz. It will remain at two though, otherwise too much of my time is spent on layaway admin)

“How do I make a layaway payment?”
To make a payment into a layaway account, use this link: https://www.krbearsanddolls.com/shipping
This method can be used equally for shipping or for a layaway payment. Simply follow the instructions and add the agreed payment to the cart. Please leave a note in the ‘instructions’ box on the payment form so that I can identify what the payment is for.

Any questions, just drop me an email to trisha@krbearsanddolls.com