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A lot of customers ask me whether I am able to offer layaway payments and the answer is yes, of course, I am more than happy to do so, and this is how to go about it:

Do not add the items to your cart, as the layaway scheme bypasses the ‘add to cart’ system where items are immediately paid for and shipped.

Firstly, read the simple layaway rules set out below and then let me know which item(s) you would like to have on layaway in an email to trisha@krbearsanddolls.com

I can then let you know the monthly amount required, bearing in mind that the minimum monthly payment for any one item on a layaway cannot be less than £30.00 (see the simple rules set out below)

Only when we have exchanged emails and the amount has been agreed, use this link: https://www.krbearsanddolls.com/shipping. Simply follow the instructions in red and add the agreed payment to the cart. Please be sure to leave a note in the ‘instructions’ box on the payment form, so that I can identify what the payment is for.

Set out below are a few simple rules for layaways:

1. Layways are only possible on dolls or bears (or similar)

2. Doll clothes, accessories and shoes will not be allowed on layaway. I’m sorry about this, but the administration of layaways with multiple outfits and accessories is just taking up too much of my time.

3. The maximum duration of a layaway is three months, unless it is a high value item, in which case the layaway could be extended to a maximum of six months.

4. The minimum monthly payment for any one item on a layaway cannot be less than £30.00.

5. Only two items are allowed per layaway. This keeps everything simple and affordable. Once your final layaway payment has been made, you can start a new one.

6. Payments are to be made monthly on the same date each month as the first payment is made. Skipping a month or two is not in the spirit of a layaway and it just impacts on (a) storage space in the shop and (b) my cash flow.

6. Regrettably, I am not able to offer layaways on any sale items.

Any questions, just drop me an email to trisha@krbearsanddolls.com