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Summer’s Here, and it’s Hot!

Summer’s Here, and it’s Hot!

15th July 2018

Summer’s here, and it’s really HOT! The grass at home is crisp and brown and it’s as much as we can do to keep the trees watered. The pond has dropped by about 12 inches over the past couple of months, although it still has a long way to go before it dries up, as it’s about 8ft deep in the middle.

So, having had a wonderful short break in France, it’s back to reality.

A delivery from Sigikid arrived on Friday with some lovely themed backpacks, wallets and water bottles – there are still more of the collection to come, but take a look – this is what we have so far:

Kily Keeper


Gina Galopp

Also, a lot of the out-of-stock Sigikid Beasts are here – which means we are only now waiting on a few from the 2018 collection. The remainder should be here in the next two or three weeks.