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Zwergnase Junior List of Dolls In Stock

Zwergnase Junior List of Dolls In Stock

Update, Sunday 25th November:

I have been re-arranging categories under the Zwergnase section of my website today and I have now created a new category entitled ‘Zwergnase Dolls in Stock‘ – this will make it easier to see which dolls are in stock and available immediately.

Naturally enough, any of the other Zwergnase dolls not currently in stock and marked as ‘special order via email’ can, of course be ordered in. Just drop me an email via the contact form at the top of the page. I usually order from Zwergnase about every two weeks.

Face Sculpts:

To look for a particular face sculpt amongst the Junior Dolls, as an example, put this into the search box on the website:

sculpt 03

At first it will not show anything, but then tick the box entitled ‘search in product descriptions’ and then all those zwergnase junior dolls which share the same face sculpt will show. Please note that the search box requires a double digit – i.e. ’03’ or ’04’ etc. for the numbers below 10.

Junior Doll Boots:

I also have new stocks of the boots – and most are now available. 35cm and 50cm sizes. They can all be found here: Zwergnase Junior Footwear