White Balloon Natterer Outfits

White Balloon Natterer Outfits
A few years back, when White Balloon in Spain closed their doors, they offered me a quantity of Natterer outfits for their Bye Bye Dolly collection. I have quite a few of various items, although not all complete sets. If you click on the individual pictures below, I give a description of what is available.
Here is a picture of the White Balloon dolls in this particular collection, so that you can see what each doll and outfit look like.
The sizes of these White Balloon dolls are as follows:London – 28.5cm; Berlin – 34cm; Mallorca – 28.5cm; New York – 34cm; Sydney – 28.5cm; Paris – 34cm
PLEASE NOTE, they are not complete sets and some are not quite finished and need a stitch or two or a button in places.

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