Zwergnase Junior Collection 2017 
What a treat for 2017!
13 new dolls – eight 50cm and five 35cm. Three new faces as well – Lexi, Galina, Abigail and Madison all share one new 50cm sculpt (sculpt 19) and Avery, Brooklyn and Leyla share the second new 50cm sculpt (sculpt 17). Noemi, Evi, Megan and Grace share the new 35cm sculpt (sculpt 18) – whilst Marianna and Valentina are the same sculpt as the ever popular Azalea and Violet from last year. (Also shared by the Christmas limited editions Paula and Metha) All from this collection are wigged, none are rooted.
To find out which dolls share the same face sculpt, simply put the words ‘face sculpt 16’ (as an example, and without the quotes) into the search box.

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