Zwergnase Junior Doll Collection 2020
We’re in for a treat with the brand new 2020 Junior Collection from Zwergnase.Four gorgeous dolls in the new 45cm size – Atje and Griet who share new sculpt 32 and Rixte and Wina who share new sculpt 33Lieske and Neetje both share sculpt 30 – which so far has only been used for Fraulein Juni (Miss June)Two limited editions, both with human hair wigs – Wentje limited to 50 pieces and Elje limited to just 17 pieces (and who already is SOLD OUT)Three dolls this year have rooted hair – Tieda, Reesa and Almke – which is lovely, as a lot of customers ask about rooted hair and personally, I just love it.

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