Zwergnase Junior Doll Collection 2024
In a change to previous years, Zwergnase are releasing their 2024 collection in three parts.
‘Volume 1’ consists of seven gorgeous new Junior dolls namely, Bibi, Vanda, Dajana, Muriel, Brigid, Athena and Innika.
‘Volume 2’ consists of another five beauties namely, Dorli, Julica, Tiziana, Gianna and Ambra.
‘Volume 3’ consists of the final four beauties namely, Cassandra, Cecily, Cora, and Mallory
There are two stunning new faces, Cecily, Dajana and Dorli (sculpt 47) and Brigid, Mallory and Tiziana (sculpt 48).
Bibi and Vanda are limited to 30 pieces each
PLEASE NOTE: the numbering of the sculpts is something that I have done myself so as to make the identification of the faces easier when searching here. It is not a numbering system that Zwergnase use themselves.

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