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Beautiful Madsine has the most captivating smile. She has long brown hair tied into two braids and a stunning handpainted face with glass eyes. Madsine is dressed for the cold weather with a brown jacket over a warm checked skirt suit and a faux fur muff to keep her hands warm. She wears brown stockings with rust coloured leg warmers which match her muff and beige real leather boots with toggle closures.

Madsine is an Art doll. The Zwergnase Art dolls are very different in construction to the Junior Dolls. They are not jointed as such, but have firmly stuffed bodies and upper arms. I have included an image of an Art doll without any clothes, The image is not of Madsine, but all the Art dolls are constructed in this same way (with a few exceptions, i.e. the multi-jointed Nieves, Alkione and Hinsemine).

The Art dolls are not able to sit (unless they are specifically made as sitting dolls – in which case they are unable to stand).

Madsine was issued as one of the Christmas 2001 collection.


Limited to 250 pieces.

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