Zwergnase Dolls In Stock and Info

Zwergnase Dolls in Stock and Info Page

To look for a particular face sculpt amongst the Junior Dolls, as an example, put this into the search box on the website: “sculpt 03”
PLEASE NOTE It is important to use double inverted commas so that the exact phrase is searched for, otherwise the results are not accurate. 

All those Zwergnase junior dolls which share the same face sculpt will show.
Please note that the search box requires a double digit – i.e. ’03’ or ’04’ etc. for the numbers below 10.

I should also just mention that the numbering of the sculpts has been done by myself to make the dolls more easily identifiable, and is not a Zwergnase numbering system.

The entire Zwergnase collection will still remain on the website, even though all older dolls are now sold out, as I very much want to keep this as a resource for collectors.

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