Natterer Shoes

Shoes for Petitcollin Sylvia Natterer Dolls
Here at KR Bears and Dolls we have been following Sylvia Natterer for many years – first with White Balloon, then with Gotz, then to Zwergnase, then Kathe Kruse and finally to Petitcollin.These are wonderful dolls – perfect as a special present for a child but also with a huge following by collectors.Most of the dolls’ outfits are available separately (see outfits page).Shoes are not included with the outfits, but also available separately as shown belowFinouche dolls are 48cm, Starlette dolls are 44cm, Minouche dolls are 34cm, Bibichou dolls are 35cm and Minette dolls are 27cm. Please note that currently, NONE of the shoes are suitable for Bibichou (the babies).

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